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The Castle partners with teachers in Putnam County, IN schools to invigorate the curriculum through arts-integration and project-based learning. Through collaborative partnerships, teaching artists and volunteer efforts, The Castle offers free workshops in partner schools during the school day that aim to maximize the opportunity for creative problem-solving, to enhance the curriculum, to nurture self-expression, to honor varied learning styles, and to encourage essential 21st Century skills.


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Sixth graders are tremendously social creatures, and it was great to see them interact with each other in a way that they would not choose to otherwise interact.

Teacher, Greecastle Middle School

The variety and diversity of programming helped kids to see that art is larger than just drawing or painting–this exposure to other forms of art is eye-opening for kids.

Teacher, Fillmore Elementary School

Castle workshops have shown kids ways to incorporate vocabulary and apply class material.

Teacher, Fillmore Elementary School

The kids loved it! I learned something new each period!

Mrs. Stoffregen, Greencastle Middle School science teacher

I could use the activity in my classes to help students better understand the rights of citizens in certain governments

Mr. Wells, Greencastle Middle School social studies
“Our son entered GMS in the fall of 2012 after having spent his elementary years in another local school system. We were all naturally concerned about the adjustment period that such a change would entail, but we all agreed the switch was for the best. After a couple of days of mixed feelings and general awkwardness, our son came home beaming one afternoon, bursting to tell us about his experience with Castle Arts that day at school. That first session provided a platform for student interactions, some fun music exploration, and a discussion of bullying and how to prevent it. More importantly for us, it gave our son a strong foothold in his new environment and helped him find his voice in a supportive and exploratory environment. He has blossomed during this past year like never before, and not a week goes by without either his glowing account of his most recent Castle encounter or lamenting the fact that it’s been too long since he last saw The Castle crew. For our son, The Castle came along at just the right time to help stoke his creative fires and give him an anchor point in an uncertain landscape. We look forward to another year of enlightened interaction.”
Parent of a Greencastle Middle School Student
“I liked people coming in and talking about what they do and their experiences. It really helps seeing what we as students could do when we grow up.”
“I can surely say that this work has been tremendous. It has impacted our teachers, it has impacted our students, it has impacted our staff in enormous ways. It has been wonderful to see the collaboration going on between the artists and the teachers, and I can see that the learning is on both sides, that our teachers are benefitting from the collaboration as well as the artists. They’re certainly growing and making the opportunity the best it can possibly be for our students.”
Tamra Walker, Former Principal, Greencastle Middle School
“It helped me understand my class work more.”
“I really learned about myself.”
“I connected with The Castle well, it made me really take things differently and use those materials elsewhere. I was surprised that I actually enjoyed this. I really interacted with Castle well this year.”